Wonder LUX

LUX SOAP FLAKES have been a staple in Australian households for over a century. From babies nappies through to delicate lingerie, these biodegradable flakes have been a No.1 choice for maintaining fibre softness and minimising skin irritation.

So it may come as a surprise that LUX soap is our product of choice for high strength EXPED ropes supplied to us for cleaning by High-Q - a company that provides equipment to those working at height.

From our initial consultation with High-Q it was established that it was imperative for a manufacturers standard of cleaning to be established in order to maintain the integrity of the rope so as to keep its users safe, alive and insured.

It was concluded that drycleaning and other water based solvents we so readily use for elaundry's exceptional cleaning and stain removal features, do in fact alter the rope thread's essential character of strength.

LUX Soap Flakes were our answer to the conundrum - with their ability to clean, sanitise and maintain perfect threads and weave, as well as being healthy against the skin for long wear.

And 9 years into our contract with High-Q we are still astounded by the results it yields!

As you can see from the photo above - such a simple product works ever so well. (Even if we do have to clean the ropes twice as they are SO dirty when they come in to us!)


OCT FEST- Alcohol Stains, Free stuff, Shoe and Handbag deal!

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October Fest is approaching this means one thing Beer, and LOTS of it. Now you may like to consider yourself or your partner a 'professional beer drinker' yet 'professional beer stain offender' usually comes with the title. Best match your professional beer drinking and staining with a experienced beer spot remover. YES THEY DO EXIST!  Why stop at beer, coffee, tea, lipstick, red wine.. REALLY.. the list goes on and on, the utmost family friendly and expert, may, I add spotting kit. Even your local DC will quietly admit that they use them too, so purchase now, kick back and enjoy a few or 10 beers with a beer friendly spotting kit waiting for you at home or in the glove box, better yet....
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A day at the races filled with wine, dirt and other nasty stains hiding away to later be your very own shoe & handbag disaster!
Traffic stopping Louboutins, to die for Chanel clutches,heavenly Manolos... YES, these garments are like your very own babies.Treat your shoes and bags to the life they were brought for...

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Ever read your garment care label? YES that tag located inside your shirt and wonder what the heck does it mean,click here and we will mail you out a simple chart that has magnets for the side of your dryer, it is teen friendly. So why not sign your newly moved out teen up to receive our great informative flyer. Think of it as easy lessons on the wall in your laundry! Easy printable here!

Stain removal
Alcohol Stains

Clear alcohol stains can be removed by rinsing the area with cold water, then soaking the stained garment in 1L of warm water with one teaspoon of presoak agent for 30 minutes, stirring the water occassionally. Rinse thoroughly, then launder the garment in the hottest water safe for the fabric. Do not dry until the stain is completely removed.

See more about:
juice   bottled sauces

For the full list, visit:
A-Z Stain Removal Tips

Quick Fix:
Stain Removal Pen

Professional Spotting Kit
If store bought stain removers aren't cutting it, you need the Professional Spotting Kit from elaundry. This kit is designed specifically for the dry-cleaning industry so is proven to be the best stain removal system available.... Shop Now




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How to: Clean Suede Shoes!

Suede Shoes Before-
Suede Shoes After-
We've covered general leather cleaning and how to clean leather lounge suites, now it's the shoe's turn!

Leather is a hard-wearing fabric perfect as a shoe covering. However, our feet are often subjected to the harshest terrain and can result in dry, cracked leather shoes that are falling apart at the seams. Shining and polishing shoes has been around since the invention of foot coverings, adding years to the life of your leather. Follow these steps for caring for leather shoes, from boots to children’s school shoes.


Good quality leather shoes should be polished once a month to preserve their life if they’re worn regularly. As you could clean your dry cleaning items or other specialty wearables, clean and polish shoes whenever necessary. If shoes are worn occasionally, clean once per month and polish and shine only as needed.


Before polishing and waterproofing footwear, it needs to be cleaned. Dirt, debris and other matter easily embed themselves into leather. A good cleaning will also help remove scuffs and other minor stains from shoes. To clean leather properly, determine which type of leather you have. Smooth leathers are treated differently than suede.


Salt stains can removed from shoes with a mixture of 1 cup hot water and 1 tablespoon white vinegar. Mix well and apply to shoe with a soft rag, gently scrubbing affected area. Allow to air dry.

Shoe brushes can also be used on leather shoes to help remove dirt and debris.


Shoe polishes come in four basic premixed forms: waxes, pastes, liquids and creams.

• Will give a glossy shine and prevent moisture from seeping into leather
• Used on shoes which are regularly exposed to outdoor elements
• Can dry shoes, causing them to crack. So it’s important to use conditioner first

Creams and Pastes
• Add moisture to your shoe
• As they penetrate the surface of leather, they cover scratches and other imperfections
• Work well on all types of shiny or smooth leathers

• Easy to apply
• Doesn’t penetrate or condition leather


Suede shoes require special attention. Suedes and patent leather should never be shined. They can be cleaned, waterproofed and conditioned, though.

Suedes can be cleaned by rubbing stains and imperfections with a common pencil eraser or small piece of fine grain sandpaper. Once cleaned, rub suede with a bath or kitchen towel to help restore its nap and remove any shiny or damaged spots. Condition with specialized suede conditioner.


Product Test Run: Lint Remover Roller

Never leave your home covered in pet hair and lint again, with a very hair cat I seem to always carry her hair around with me, black tie affairs are just not the place to be covered in cat hair. Especially around this time of year when animals just seem to shed all their hair!
This amazing household helper does it all. From cleaning your home, office, car, pool table or your favourite clothing, it's easy with the Lint Remover Roller's 'paint-roller' style handle, also perfect for even the laziest of person in your life!
Perfect for removing pet hair, cat litter, lint, fluff, dust, loose threads, crumbs, sand and glass fragment from just about anywhere. It even cleans difficult surfaces such as lampshades, vertical blinds and fly screens and velvet type couches it really is quite fun to see how clean things come up.
Other customers commented: No more pet hair, my daughter and I keep our Lint Remover Roll next to our door stand and use it religiously.– Micky Dune


Garment ALERT! Phillip LIM!

Phillip Lim

RN#: 114776
3.1 Phillip Lim LLC
Women's Garments
260 W. 39th St. 8th
New York, NY 10018
Ph. 212-840-1037

The garment:

A gold colored, 100% silk satin cocktail dress with attached crystal rhinestones on the front of the skirt. The care label reads: "Professionally dry clean only--protect and cover crystal trim." The International Code symbols indicate: dryclean in any solvent, do not wash, do not bleach, and use a low temperature iron.
The problem:

During the tumbling action of drycleaning in any solvent, the sharp edges of the crystal rhinestones rub the fabric in random areas and cause "snags" in the fabric.
Who's responsible?

The manufacturer, since there is no known technology or practical method of covering or protecting this type trim from contact with other areas of fabric during solvent immersion and the tumbling necessary during professional cleaning. This fashion was not able to withstand the recommended care instructions without risk of fabric damage from its own trim.
What to do:

This dress should be returned to the retailer or manufacturer. Click image for a larger view This dress has many pieces of
crystal trim all over the skirt section that cannot be protected properly during cleanin.The snagged fabric damage that occurred after drycleaning is visible in this close-up view.

According to the care label, this dress could be cleaned safely in any solvent including perc. Because the self-snagging damage is related to physical
contact from its own trim during the normal tumbling action of any machine immersion care, cleaning in any alternative solvent would not make a difference. Also, this particular dress is not safe to wetclean.


Product Test Run- Cinderella Multipurpose Spray

Last week I tested the Cinderella Stain Remover- works FAB at removing my spray tanned brown stains on my white clothing! Yes unfortunately I am not blessed with glowing brown skin all year round! This week we are keeping with the Cinderella Products and test running the Multi Purpose spray, the claim to fame, its a plant based non animal or petrochemical product, best used for cleaning general house hold surfaces. Also smells like mint, yum!

 I decided to use it as a bench cleaner after I had decided to make a taste Thai dish, needless to say there was curry paste and mess all over the white bench tops, along with paste caked onto the cook top. I had friends coming over later and hate the thought of having a place smelling like a Thai curry no matter how good it is, its just not too welcoming. A squirt here and there the minty fresh smell eradicated the less than enjoyable Thai curry smell. GREAT! I left the spray to sit for about five minutes (stacking the dishes of course!) I used a wet cloth and wiped the benched over all of the paste and mess was wipes away without the troubles of scrubbing. No thick or greasy surface was left after wiping the benches down, something that is just a deal breaker with me if the left over residue.

I really enjoyed using this product just cant get over the amazing smells of this product!

BUY IT NOW! Try Cinderella Multi Purpose for yourself, add your review by simply emailing!
Below are just a few other customers reviews! 

Would you recommend this product to a friend? : Yes
How long have you owned this product? : 4
: Year(s)
Pros : It cuts through grime easily, it's not toxic and has a pleasant smell
Title : Best Multi Purpose Spray by Far!!
Detailed Review : Best product I've every used!! The secret is to spray the stove top or the are needing cleaning and leave for at least 1 minute and the grime wipes off effortlessly!! I'm wrapped I found this product :D

Would you recommend this product to a friend? : Yes
How long have you owned this product? : 12
: Month(s)
Pros : Good cleaning power - great smell
Title : You''ll be surprised how much you like it
Detailed Review : I bought this on a whim, and now get frustrated that it is hard to find in stores. The mint smell makes it a pleasure to use, and it did not seem to damage any surfaces, nor feel icky on the hands. Give it a try.


Do you know your rights?

The past month we have been focusing on educating our beloved elaundry clients, after all your garments are important to you and us! You wouldn't buy a car without doing at least the very little research on it! So with that said do you know your rights to Dry Cleaning your items?

Here at elaundry we have eight informative forms ranging from spot cleaning to cleaning your rubber back curtains, the girls in the shop counter are armed with such forms if you would like to take a look please feel free to ask!

However it is all well and good to hear such information from your local Dry Cleaner but also fabulous to get a second opinion and this is where the Dry Cleaning Institute of Australia ( DIA for short) comes into action. As elaundry is an affiliate of the DIA, elaundry has full access to a variety of information. The DIA have released some great informative forms alike the elaundry spot cleaning and rubber back curtain cleaning forms. These great forms just one of the many informative outlets the DIA provides. In order to ensure our customers are well informed and know your rights I have added these great forms in a link below. After all it is so comforting to receive such information from a national organization.

  • Feel free to come on into elaundry armed with all your Dry Cleaning questions. Remember to always point out stains to our staff or your local dry cleaner, when checking in garments, extra care may be needed with the item so it is imperative to point them out!

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